An international webinar to share and disseminate the results of two projects funded under the 5th call of the Urban Innovative Actions Initiative with a focus on Culture and Cultural Heritage: CAMINA in Almeria (Spain) and Cultural HI.D.RA.N.T. in Halandri (Greece).

The webinar will offer reflections on the role Culture and Cultural Heritage can play in ACTIVATING AND MOBILIZING CITIZENS, as innovation in the way cultural policies are designed and implemented is key to engage unexpected stakeholders, and all those groups and categories that aren’t usually taking part in the urban political process.

Focusing on people’s networks and interconnections, opening the decision-making processes, planning and managing together the use of collective spaces and services, are crucial for the development of urban regeneration actions capable of combining the transformation of the cities physical assets, the socio-economic revitalization of neighborhoods and the involvement of local communities.

In this perspective,the CAMINA and Cultural HI.D.RA.N.T. experiences will help us discuss how to produce an impact at the local level by means of culture and cultural heritage policies and actions, working on the co-design and implementation of innovative collaborative services, the redesign of the public procurement processes, the activation of new institutions, and finally focusing the attention on the most vulnerable groups of people living in the cities and working in the perspective of making the city a common good.

The webinar will take place on JUNE 26th, at 11.00 CEST,with a duration of 90 minutes. Participation is free and you can REGISTER HERE

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